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Safe Haven Housing is a Charity registered with the Charity Regulatory Authority in Ireland, set up in 2013 with the charitable objective “the prevention of homelessness in Ireland through the provision of; houses, apartments or any other housing accommodation for use as temporary or permanent accommodation and through the provision of any associated amenities, services, advice or assistance for persons who are homeless or are identified by a local authority as having a priority need for housing”. 

The "Safe Haven" concept was born in the west London Borough of Ealing in 2005, where there was a severe shortage of housing for those with a significant need, for example, families living with parents or friends, and many were living in bed and breakfast accommodation. Safe Haven was able to provide 200 homes on long ten year leases in conjunction with the London Borough of Ealing, at no cost to the taxpayers through a privately funded scheme. Safe Haven London is now ten years down the line and has been hugely successful in assisting the homelessness crisis in Ealing. Safe Haven is now working to achieve the same goal working in partnership with any of the thirty one Local Authorities in the Republic of Ireland.